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HcandersenWelcome to Elsinore. The home of Hamlet and the Danish Riviera North Zealand

Visit Elsinore

IF SHAKESPEARE WAS HERE Harrison Stratford, a characteristic English Shakespeare scientist, has through the last two decades tirelessly led with light and lantern for a particular brick at Kronborg Castle. A brick with a special handwritten inscription: Shakespeare was here.

Visit Elsinore

The culture Yard Elsinore
The Culture yard in Elsinore

Visit North Zealand and Elsinore Tourist Office is open all year. The tourist office is located in the new building "Culture yard",   centrally located in relation to the city center and Culture harbor with the cultural yard, M/S Museum for Maritime and Kronborg Castle as a neighbor.

Elsinore Tourist Information Allegade 2
3000 Helsingoer
phone +45 49 28 36 20
Phone: +45 49 21 13 33

Elsinore Tourist Information Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 - 21:00
Saturday, Sunday 10:00 - 17:00
In the Culture yard reception you can get folders about the Culture yard, M / S Museum for Maritime, Kronborg Castle and The many other attractions in Elsinore.
Here are city maps and suggestions for city walks on their own, but also brochures about North Zealand's other attractions.

Get free all North Zealands brochures, incl. a big North Zealand map. There is free access to computer and wireless network (Wi-Fi).

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When in Elsinore, we can recommend "Elsinore City Walk" where we designate 10 MUST SEE attractions in Elsinore

Print et Elsinore City Map pdf

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Elsinore Café and Restaurants

Cafe Olai Helsingør
The 24th, 25th, 26th, and
1st New Year's Day is Café Olai Closed
New Year's Eve the 31st to. 16:00

Visit Café Olai Elsinore
After a hectic day of power shopping in Elsinore City, visiting the legendary Cafe'Olai in Elsinore's City center is a great relaxing experience.

Café Olai reflects the old Elsinore in both the mood and decor, and even the prices are like 1/4 century ago.

Café Olai has a well-groomed renumé that extends far beyond the country's borders and Café Olai is one of the best eateries in Elsinore and is regularly mentioned   in the magazines Travel News and Globetrotter, as part of Elsinores culture.

You will find Café Olai at

Table booking Phone: +45 49 20 16 07
ore online Café Olai Table booking.

Elsinore Shopping

Helsingør shopping
Elsinore main Shopping street

Opening hours Elsinore City

Monday - Thursday   open until 17:30
Friday open until noon. 18:00
Saturdays open until 15:00
1st and last Saturdays of the month open until. 15:00

Flea market Elsinore
Simon Spies Place

Every Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00 the summer from April to October you can experience Elsinore Flea market at the end of the pedestrian street. About 100 stands will be located outdoors at Stengade, Svingelport (at Simon Spies Place), Strandgade, Klostergade and Rosenkildestien.

Then find your best dealing genes and make a coup!

Interested in a market table at Elsinore Flea market? Book a table.

Hotels in Elsinore

Visit Elsinore Denmark
Bed & Breakfast Elsinore

Restaurants in Elsinore


invite your friend and go shopping trip to the lovely Elsinore. We have 250 specialty and grocery stores in beautiful, and exciting surroundings. Have a lunch at one of our many cozy cafes and restaurants.

Elsinore City Center
Shopping center Elsingore

Helsingør Bycenter is a small cozy oasis in the heart of Elsinore.
Here you will find 25 exciting shops and good eateries, a fun playland for the children and free parking.
Elsinore City Center has a wide selection within women's and men's fashion, delicacies, groceries, personal care, games, sports and home inspiration.

Elsinore City Association
Stjernegade 13
DK-3000 Helsingoer

Torvedage i Helsingør

There are square days in Elsinore City from April to November, Every Wednesdays and Saturdays
from kl. 08:00 - 14:00
Friday at. 11.00 - 17.00

Elsinore City Walk & 10 "Must See" Attractions

Maritim museum Elsinore
M/S Maritim museum Elsinore

Kan du ikke få øje på M/S Museet for Søfart? Så er du ikke den første. For det prisbelønnede, ikoniske museum, tegnet af den verdenskendte, danske arkitekt Bjarke Ingels, ligger under jordens overflade. Så kik ned!

M/S Museet For Søfart har siden åbningen i 2013 været et af de mest omtalte museer nationalt og internationalt.

Museet, der er tegnet af den danske stjernearkitekt Bjarke Ingels, er placeret i Helsingør Skibsværfts gamle tørdok, som derved er blevet bevaret som et historisk monument over industrialismen.

Helsingør City Walk & 10 "Must See" Attractions

Elsinore Historical City Walk

Elsinore City Walk Describes the story of Sound Customs City,   who inspired William Shakespeare to write his most famous spectacle game, Hamlet.

As pearls on a string lies one well-preserved and lovingly restored building after another in a right-angled, chess-like street of Erik of Pomeranian - 1400s. The architectural appearance of the individual houses shows style features from the 14th to 1500th century to the present.

The route tells us how Sund Customs 400 years ago made Elsinore one of the   Europe's and Denmark's leading cities and inspired William Shakespeare to write his most famous sight game, Hamlet. , - about H. C. Andersen's upbringing, education and schooling in Elsinore from 1828 to 1829.   - Elsinore's strategic location and importance for shipping and trade.

Are you a tourist guide or at city walk with a group you can print Elsinore City Walk folder from a PDF file. If you are near a tourist office, they would like to print the folder for you.

Elsinore Gift card

Elsinore Gift card

The gift never to be exchanged

Café Olai offers the perfect gift idea.
It can often be difficult to find the right gift for him or her who has everything. With Helsingør gift certificates then you never go wrong . And you are sure to create joy and enthusiasm.

The gift certificate can be used in Café Olai Elsinore.

The gift card works like a Creditcard. The amount will be min. DKK 100, - and it can be used again and again. The amount you buy for will be written off and the balance can be saved and purchased for another time.

Gift card Elsinore

Smiling Danmark

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De bedste Restauranter Helsingør
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