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cruise ship Harbour Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

Bluefin tun

  • Atlantic or bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) is the largest of the tunars and can grow over three meters long and weigh up to about 700 kilo.
  • Bluefin tuna is a migratory fish that lives in large parts of Atlantic Ocean. It has two known spawning grounds in Den, respectively Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean.
  • Historically, bluefin tuna was a common guest in Scandinavian waters and also the subject of significant fishing before suddenly disappeared from here about 60 years ago. In recent years is the bluefin tuna returned to Scandinavian waters.

The large tuna hunt in shoals of between five and 15 by squeezing their prey up to the surface to push them into a hook.

It happens at such a speed that it can be difficult to stop again. Thus the tuna can reach a speed of between 60 and 80 kilometers per hour when they attacker.

Enjoy a day of deep-sea fishing in the Sound with cod, herring, garpike and mackerel, depending on the season. The fishing boats depart from the harbour in Elsinore. You can hire fishing tackle on board. Read more about the tours below.

Cruise ship Harbour Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

Just 13 km from Elsinore, you wil find Fredensborgs Troutfishing where you can fish for salmon, trout and rainbow trout in the put-and-take lake or the wellbuilt fly-fishing stream. Fishing tackle is available to hire - all you have to do is cast your line.

Øresund is one of the very best places in Scandinavia for deep sea fishing. In summer, angling and deep sea fishing in Øresund offers hornfish, flatfish herring and not least the so-called summer crust of 3-10 kg. In the winter half of the year there are herring and the famous Majorcan that chop out there

See: The blue Marlin is back in the Sound 

From Elsinore , the boats sail on sea fishing every day throughout the year. Usually weekdays are sailed from kl. 8 to 15. Saturdays and Sundays and some public holidays from kl. 7 to 12 and from kl. 12 to 17. Please contact the tour boats directly for information about sailing times, booking and prices.


Remember to bring a valid fishing license on the fishing trip. If you want to buy, or renew your fishing license, it can be done on

Lystfiskeri Skjold Vedbæk

SKJOLD, angling tours from Vedbaek Harbor .
Skjold has room for 29 people. Children under 10 years of age only have access together with an adult. You can arrange angling, competition fishing, flat fishing, trips to Hven and forest or company. On board ships are shipped, pirate, fork, candy and drinks.

Lystfiskeri Skjold Vedbæk

 On board we sell fishing equipment flashing, jerking, catching, candy and drinks.

Skjold has a confortable heated cabin with tables and benches, and there is also a toilet on board. Discounts are given to children under 14 years old and to groups of more than 10 people or charter trips, but not on special tours and daily tours in January, Febuar and March.

Skjold vedbæk is a modern fishing boat with safety and comfort in the highest seat, and do not worry, the captain has all the modern equipment and knows exactly where the fish is on the day you go fishing..

Sailing times:
Wednesday to Friday at. 08:00 - 15:00 during the summer period from May to October 17:00 - 22:00, and weekends at. 07:00 - 12:00 and at. 12:00 - 17:00

Booking at Skjold can be done at tel. 30 20 20 19 between kl. 08:00 - 20:00


Helsingør lystfiskeri Havfiskere lystfiskere


Arresø are sailing anglers from Elsinore all year round. The boat has a crew that is very important for the guests to enjoy when they are on a trip with them. The boat has a lot of regular customers and is used by clubs and smaller companies that rent the entire boat and possibly. enjoy a nice meal.

ARRESØ is built at Frederikshavn Shipyard in 1930 as a fishing boat.
sailing anglers from Helsingør Harbor, Kronborg harbor
Phone. +45 2032 0724 -



Helsingør lystfiskeri Havfiskere lystfiskere

BELUGA MOST, Beluga Most sails from Elsinore harbor at Kronborg harbor. During the summer season, is also sailing from Thyborøn at the west Coast.

The ship is 19.9 BRT and built in 1962. Sailing from Elsinore around in the Sound - also Kattegat and to Sjællands Odde. Freight fishing, anchorage and drift fishing. Bulefishing only by charter. Day trips, day trips and multi-day trips. Trolling with downrigger equipment.
Kronborg quai, Elsinore harbor
Beluga Most
Phone: +45 49 704676
Mobil: +45 40 55 35 75

Helsingør fisketure Havfiskere lystfiskere Havet

HAVET, Sailing from Elsinore harbor, kaj 5

HAVET is a top-seas galease and the last built cargo ship of wood in this country. She was ordered by Kgl. Greenlandic Trade and & Havet & was built in Holbæk in 1953-54 to speed up Greenland. It was estimated that a wooden ship would be stronger for the ice and the hard weather in Greenland, and the ship was built in large dimensions. In 1977 she was provided with the current rig and re-registered for passenger transport, which was built 6 cabins with own toilet and shower, as well as a large lounge where 46 people can now sit. Today, HAVET is a full-time charter vessel. With its 320 tonnes, the sea is one of the largest active sailing ships retained in the Danish Navy.
If you have questions, would you like an offer or would you like to book an event please contact us at:
E-mail or Phone. + 45 3024 5890 -



Helsingør fisketure Havfiskere lystfiskere Jaws

JAWS, sailing from Helsingør Harbor, Kronborg Quay
Evening and morning tours are arranged by appointment.
We also arrange special tours such as horseback riding, one-or-one-day tours of the cat hole, as well as company tours and the like.

Ordinary trips on Øresund can accommodate up to 23 passengers.
With accommodation there is room for max. 10 passengers.

Keep in mind that you must have a fishing license when fishing in Denmark. Bring your fishing sign. If you do not have one, you can buy it at
Please note there is free parking at the port.

M / S Jaws sails every day
Kl. 8:00 - 15:00
Saturday as well as Sun / Holidays
Kl. 7.00 - 12.00
Kl. 12:00 - 17:00
May-mid December is sailed primarily from Vedbæk Harbor.
Mid-December-mid May sailing from Helsingør Nordhavn.

For Place Order on:
M/S Jaws call: 30 41 14 35 Phone + 45 3041 1435

Helsingør fisketure Havfiskere lystfiskere Johanne

JOHANNE, Johannes winter activity is angling. From January to March, Johanne is in Helsingør State harbor, where it is possible to take part in the famous winter cod fishing on Øresund. In December, the New Year's cousin and the fat Christmas tree catch a good chance of getting on the hook.

Skipper Bertil offers a nice, clean and well-kept ship, pleasant surroundings, Mrs Karin's good food, and a good and friendly atmosphere on board.

Fishing trips:
All days 8 to 15.00
Booking: Telephone +45 2343 5082

Helsingør Havfiskeri lystfiskere Sandmanden

Angling tours from Elsinore Northern harbor
SANDMANDEN welcomes board a very well maintained and clean ship. We sail fishing trips, polterbend, assassinations and what else you could think of. It sails primarily in the eagles and southern Kattegat. Here is a great space, since we only sail with a maximum of 12 passes, the boat actually seats 24 people, and therefore a little bit of line kluder arises.

We have 20 years of experience let it be of benefit to you. MS Sandman is suitable for family fishing trips and beginners. Embark on an exciting fishing trip that they will never forget. We have room for any angler.
Phone + 45 3025 3205  -


Helsingør Havfiskeri lystfiskere Juventus

Angling tours from Elsinore Northern harbor
A clean and well maintained boat perfect for sea fishing approved by the Maritime Authority for sailing with passengers. We sail with a maximum of 12 people at a time. There is a very good fishing spot for everyone, so you can switch freely between throw and side along the way. Under deck there is a heated lounge with tables and benches, as well as bunks for longer trips. It is also possible to buy food and drink along the way. The crew are self-eager fishermen and willingly give a hand and help less experienced fishermen if needed.
Phone + 45 28 95 39 58  -

Nivå Havfiskeri lystfiskeri  Havhesten

HAVHESTEN, Angling tours from Nivå harbor, Nivå

HAVHESTEN has good room for 12 passengers on a ship of 16 meters!
Our goal is to sell good experiences at sea with a new ship from Nivå Havn (Øresund), therefore 2-man crew that can take care of 12 passengers!

Short sailing to best fishing spots north of Hven!
We mainly ride angling tours / sea fishing in Øresund in the north of Hven area after cod, herring, angelfish and mackerel, depending on the season.
We also arrange fishing trips for flatfish.

On the trip offers the HAVHEST:
Coffee free of charge!
Beer el. water 10 kr. PCS. Risted sausage with bread 15 kr. paragraph
Hire of fishing rod with gear 50 kr. (Lost item is usually replaced!)

Ordinary fishing gear can be bought on board.
The ship has freezer on board, remember to bring suitable plastic bags and insulating equipment to transport the catch home!)!

Bedste hilsen: Jens
Tlf.: 40 58 31 90


Angling and smallboat fishing Helsingør

Helsingør bådudlejming

Boats for smallboat fishing can be rented in Helsingør. På Helsingør Nordhavns søndre mole findes rampe til udsætning og ophaling af egen båd.

Helsingør Boat Rental
Færgevej 2, DK-3000 Helsingør
Phone. +45 4921 4255
Rowing boat, motor charter rented
Minimum 2 hours, safety equipment included.

Helsingør Nordhavn
Nordhavnsvej 13, DK-3000 Helsingør
phone. +45 4928 1080 -
Set up and collection 100 kr each time or annual card 800 kr.

Fishing sign for angling / sport fishing

Lystfiskeri Helsingør Nordsjælland

Everyone aged 18 to 67 who engages in angling / sports fishing in Denmark must have a state fishing license.
It can be purchased at the country's post offices or at the Tourist Office in Helsingør *), tel. +45 4921 1333
'*) Can update day and week short for use on weekends and the like.

Or get your fishing licence here 

The fishing license is issued as day, week and yearly card, and you can buy it at post offices, tourist offices and larger retailers all over Denmark. You can also buy and renew fishing signs on the website . The price in 2018 is for a day card Dkr. 40, - for an unexpected Dkr. 130, - and for an annual card Dkr. 185, -.    
Fishing signs are personal and must always be taken during fishing.

For the most part, the fishery in lakes and streams is private, but it is often rented to local anglers' associations. If you wish to fish such places, you must also, in addition to the mandatory fishing license, also purchase a special fishing license for the fishery in question. Fishing licenses are typically issued as day, weekend, weekly and yearly maps. For example, you can buy your fishing license on the website , where you can also see current prices and location of each fishing lake.

If you fish in one of the so-called "put & amp; take-lakes ", you will not have a fishing license or a fishing license. Here you typically pay between DKK. 70, - and 100, - for three hours fishing.

North Zealand
We have great fishing opportunities in North Zealand. We can offer fishing in Esrum Lake , just 600 meters from Fredensborg Castle and Fredensborg Trout Fishing, which is a put & amp; take lake and of course in the Sound.

Ørreder i Esrum Sø

Trout in Esrum Lake and Arresø
At Esrum Lake you have the opportunity to rent a rowboat and get close to the big ones pike, perch and trout. Esrum Lake is at the deepest 25 meters, so you have Opportunity to fish deeply!
If you do not want to rent a boat, you have ample opportunity to catch, primarily perch, from land. NOTE: There must be no petrol engine on the boat.   There shall resolved fishing licenses for all over 15 years. This is solved in Skipperhuset by the lake.

Fredensborg troutfishing
Fredensborg Trout fishing is a good put and take lake where you can to fish with bait, spiders and fly.
The trout fishing has arranged a very nice jet smoke, where you can catch big fish without the flueline sitting in the stands behind a ....: 0)

Hornbæk Plantage
The probably best known place on the Zealand North coast over the years. Already in the 50's there are stories of big fish and new stories appears on a regular basis

There is a chance for fish on the whole piece from the plantation from Hornbæk to Ålsgårde towards Helsingør.

The line faces the northern Øresund, and on nights with a lot of power there can be a lot of exciting things.

The hot spot is torn which also marks the tip of the plantation. there parked at the square in the middle of the plantation. It is advantageous to fish over the whole stretch, so do not let yourself be enchanted by the reef itself. Them, Those who actively fish and move are typically those who do not run out of doors home.

Fishing from Kronborg Coastline
The only place on Zealand's North Coast, where there is actually electricity, as you can see in a real nightpot.

The ornament has very deep water close to land, but on either side of the actual the tip is about 50 m, which really has to be fished, depending on where the backwater is in relation to the flow ...

Fathers are not a necessity, because you should not move in any way out into the water. The trouble can surprise you, like you can suddenly stand by one of the clear salmon of the Baltic Sea at the end of the linen.

The site can be fished both with spider and fly, but you are fishing with fly, so be aware of going backwards.

Normally, the actual decoration is closed at sunset, but the local guard Man often leaves fishermen overnight when they are usually unobstructed even coming to and from the square ..

The site is known for excellent night fishing for cod fished about 30 meters deep just 20 meters from the coast.

The sea rider is coming closer and are you lucky, it's one of Øresund's Great silversmiths that have appeared and you probably get one unforgettable experience.

Parking at the yard or at Kronborg.

Cod and Herring on the Sound.
Tourboats leave the entire easterly coast all year round. Sailing from Helsingør, Level and carpentry and offered both full and half day trips.
Many shipping companies are waiting to serve you.

Fishing on Bornholm

Although Bornholm is primarily known for its coastal and Seafishing, the island also offers fantastic angling in freshwater.

Read more about lystfiskeri and lystfiskerture on Bornholm

Try also Holmens Put and Take fiskedamme i Ry ved Gudenåen